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Laser Screed

Heiman Construction Inc is a proud leader in the industry using state of the art Laser Screed Technology, owning and operating 2 laser screeds to provide the very latest in concrete construction technology.
To meet customer demands for large floor areas with increased flatness and levelness requirements, we have added laser screed technology to our processes. This has enabled us to improve the quality of the concrete finish in accordance with architectural specifications.

Laser Screed: Projects

Faster placement

A Somero Laser Screed can screed up to 50,000 square feet per day, easily moves around obstacles on the jobsite and needs only perimeter forming when placing slab-on-grade. An s22E equipped with a 12 foot wide head and 20 foot telescopic boom which makes it possible to screed 240 square feet in just 60 seconds! That means more floor is placed daily and production schedules are satisfied or actually shortened. Fast track production, high quality, and cost effectiveness are all direct benefits of utilizing the Somero Laser Screed.

Flatter floors

You get laser-precise flatness and levelness every time, using a Laser Screed. Floors are routinely flatter and more level than floors produced with any other conventional method.

Fewer workers

The Somero Laser Screed does all the tough work, eliminating the backbreaking jobs that nobody wants.

Laser Screed: Welcome
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